Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Who knew- and why i might watch

First- Who knew that Drew Carey would be a huge footie fan. If anyone has watched his show on the Travel Channel it is obvious (and Jonny boy confirms) Drew Carey is a HUGE soccer fan.. This fact might make me watch some reruns or some "Who's line is it anyway" Thanks Drew maybe you could call into shows like the Colin(blow) Coward show and explain soccer to him.. Maybe not cause he is always right.. I used to like Colin, but he is slowly but surely becoming the Rush Limbaugh of sports radio..

I will also start watching- Without a Trace because Anthony LaPagllia is also a huge soccer fan.. Owns part of FC Sydney and is following the SoccerRoos about day and night. Who the hell knew he was an Aussie much less a footie fan.

First week of the cup notes-- Well yeah the USA looked like complete dogpile, but there have some great matches. The Holland v Cote d Ivoire was great.. but so far Argentina looks the class of the cup. If they dont win I would be surprised. The seem to knock it about well and are just playing so brilliant right know. Although things can always change.. but hard to believe that when you bring their subs in that they drop off.. Messi is 18 ... makes me feel like a wasted life.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Still amazed

ok i hope this link works-- cause this might be the dumbest list of "CONSERVATIVE" songs ever created

please please email the auther and make him bleed from the eyballs

Republicans must smoke weed!!!!

Okie dokie its been a while.. But I've been busy busy busy.. anywho.. My bro Jonny tipped me on to this list of the top 50 conservative songs.. Well it might be the dumbest list in the history of lists!!! And the asshole who wrote this knows nothing about the KINKS.. I suggest he goes back and listens to the lyrics. He might want to start at Victoria and Im not like everybody else.

First of all # 1 -- THE WHO-- we wont get fooled again-- Yeah damn Pete and the boys are such conservatives.. Ummm did anyone on this list ever talk to Pete cause im pretty sure he isnt a big fan of conservative politics- Might just be me but im guessing that - MEET THE NEW BOSS SAME AS THE OLD BOSS-- was not meaning they liked conservative Thatcherism.

Well sorry .. that isnt the crazyiest thing they thought.. Here are other bands on the list

The CLASH - rock the Casbah-- please please Joe Strummer rest in peace and dont roll over

Sex Pistols-- Yeah anarchy in the UK is Neo-con

U2- Oh yep yep BONO conservative

Living Colour- Cult of Personatlity-- Do conservatives listen to lyrics?

Ok other sillines includes

CCR-- who will stop the rain--- what the FFFFF
The Band- The night they drove old dixie down--

kid rock- abortion--- yeah there's a poster child for conservative values-- lets run him and eminem for president ( actually that would be better than W and Chessy)

And for all the kinks songs on the list... anyone ever heard of sarcasm????

SO where are the TED NUGENT SONGS??

OK if anyone is reading-- what are the top 50 liberal songs?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

These are a few of my favorite TV shows

Ok so here is a list of some of my favorite TV shows. Its basically in order, but the order can change daily.

  1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer-- Will always be number one
  2. Homicide Life on the Street
  3. Seinfeld
  4. Newsradio
  5. Daily Show
  6. Iron Chef
  7. Angel
  8. The Alternative- great 80's video show on VH-1 alt channel.
  9. Jeopardy
  10. Lost

Now here area few shows that are my guilty pleasures. Meaning I watch them if they are on but I will never admit it under torture or Bush's spy tactics.

  1. Mcguyver-- that show got me through 3 months of the dole
  2. Fastlane- Its on the Computer geek channel once and a while-- Tiff Theissen never looked as good
  3. Nash Bridges-- No idea why but I Love this show and even TIVO it for boring evenings.

One last question for the TV junkies.-- Who will have their first channel-- CSI or Law and Order. Oh yeah why on NCIS ( yeah I watch it) does it take the officers 45 minutes to get from Quantico to Norfolk? I can barely get from Virginia Beach to Norfolk in 30 minutes..

Stupor Bowl

Wow what a boring game. Is it just me or did the Seahawks get JOBBED!! There were 5 horrid calls in that game that changed the tide. I wont go into them cause you can go to any sport site to find them. But suffice it to say it was one of the worst Super Bowls in history. Although I will give props for less jingoism than the last 6 superbowls. Oh yeah and Bettis is amazingly still from Detroit.

Halftime Show-- Wow the Rolling Stones... I thank God that the bands I love will never be around to sell out to shill this. I mean can you imagine if Joe Strummer were around for the McDonald's sponsored super Mcnugget halftime show featuring THE CLASH.. Or the NFL presents- Guided by Voices!!!! Robert Pollard comes out and tosses beer cans into the crowd.

Halftime Part Two-- One of the best statements on the halftime show was made by Mike Wilbon of the Washington Post. He basically stated that there are 3 cities you don't need to import talent into to perform for the halftime show (AKA the rolling snores) those three cities are . Detroit, Nashville, and Nawlins.

Halftime part three--So in the World according to Wilbon ( an on an off again soccer fan) Detroit does not need imported talent for the SUPER BOWL ... I think we might be at odds over the halftime show as I am sure he wants more of Stevie Wonder and Motown, but given the three song limit of the Boring Stones here is my Half time show of Detroit Bands.
1. Kiss --- Detroit Rock City
2. MC5--- Kick out the Jams ( might need a little 5 second delay for the Motherfu#$er line)
3. Iggy and the Stooges---- Lust for Life-- Hell if its good enough for Carnival Cruises its good enough for the Super Bowl.

Tonights Superbowl menu was-- Carne Asada grilled over hardwood. Served with corn tortillas, Sharon's Guac, poblano's rajas, and grilled jalepenos.

Wow what a loser

Wow what a loser
Today was your basic sit inside nasty outside Saturday in Virginia Beach and I managed to completely waste it. Not only that but I wasted it in possible one of the geekiest ways possible. I spent the better part of the day watching the Sci- Fi channel. Now some might say so what, but it was not the channel as much as what I watched. I managed to catch most of 3 of the worst Greek Mythology mini-series ever produced. The Odyssey (starring a buffed out Armand Assante) Hercules (starring Tim Dalton, some no name and a VERY spicy Leelee Sobieski) and finally Jason and the Argonauts (starring Jason London, Frank Langella and Natasha Henstridge.) Now I ask you does it get worse than that. I mean if they were the old 60's Sinbad type movies I could see it for the cheese factor, but nope these were bad bad bad and I knew they would be, but I sat there anyway. I blame it on a bizarre fondness of Greek Mythology sprung from a year of playing Dungeons and Dragons and loving the Gods and goddesses manual. Geek rating today 8.5

Tonight's dinner was Cedar planked rock lobster tails marinated in Meyer lemon zest and shallot mustard. Roasted potatoes with sea salt and truffle oil and good ole steamed green beans (gotta eat your veggies).
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